common sense

April 20, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

common sense is a flower that doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden

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George Soros is your enemy
Bill Gates is your enemy
Greta Thunberg is your enemy
Klaus Schwab is your enemy
Joe Biden is your enemy

Don’t be afraid to name them


That new Bud Light bikini calendar is going to be nuts!


You think kids today are stressed?
We played stress!!

…We never owned the Operation game, my mom’s argument was that you never could win the game. We did play it, or at least tried, if a friend had it.


storing water in hot or cold situations, choosing the right containers, BPA-free, stainless steel, foldable containers, jerry cans, emergency water rations, and more is addressed in this article

take care
stay safe
much love

every woman has a bit of Marilyn inside her
you just have to decide if it’s Monroe or Manson

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