all the church-bells fell silent

May 5, 2023

wonderful ~ beautiful

Victorian slang:

~ a talkative woman ~

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This card permits you to play, from your hand, a Personality which duplicates one who has been assassinated. You must also spend an action from one group with an alignment in common with the personality. You automatically control the new card. The original personality no longer counts as “destroyed” for the goals of whoever killed them.

~ requires action

Joe Biden
The First Fake President


“In 90 feet, do a U-turn…
In 90 feet, do a U-turn…
In 90 feet, do a U-turn…”

Riding Mower GPS


This A-hole is banned in
Russia, Pakistan, Turkey,
Hungary, Poland, Philippines

ask yourself why six major countries have banned this traitor and not the USA, where he continues to fund a communist insurrection


How Long Can You Store Water Before It Becomes Unsafe To Drink?: ask a prepper… generally speaking, water can be stored up to two years, depending on how it’s stored…how much water to store, using plastic jugs, 55 gallon drums, storing canned water, can water get too old?, are topics covered, plus more

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why was the students report card wet?
it was below C level

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