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September 3, 2023

“Uncle John’s Page of Lists”

~ 7 non-food companies that tried to sell food ~

~ Lamborghini: vodka
~ Chicken Soup for the Soul Books: dog food
~ Cosmopolitan: Yogurt
~ For Dummies books: wine for dummies
~ Donald Trump: steaks
~ Colgate: tv dinners
~ televangelist Jim Bakker: Survivalist food buckets

source: Uncle John’s Old Faithful Bathroom Reader

*photo is mine and made on my property

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Exposed: Best Buy’s Discrimination Against Christians: drrichswier.com… “While LGBTQ symbols were deemed work-appropriate, Christian symbols were not. Sujak’s request to hold a Bible study was denied, and he was told he couldn’t display Christian symbols or verses in the same manner as LGBTQ symbols. Additionally, Best Buy offered a management training program with “Racial Requirements,” excluding white employees.”…if any symbols are acceptable, ALL symbols should be acceptable, it’s called freedom…all or nothing!

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