Just peeking in

March 9, 2020

Fun With Words

I see you
I have nothing to give
But a hello!
How are you?

~ HCMorris ~

peek a boo – a game, a song, a piece of clothing (a dress, blouse or other such thing that shows a little skin)

other words for peek a boo: bopeep, sheer, see through, transparent, filmy, gauzy, diaphanous, gossamer, hide and seek, bo-peep,

“It’s fun to peek into other people’s worlds
and see how they’re doing things”
~ Norah Jones

“I got a window
just to peek into a world
I never had access to.”
~ Carmen Wurgel

“You sneak a peek
at the what-ifs.
It’s human nature.”
~ Jermaine Wiggins

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