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April 26, 2023

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it is good for the soul
to create with our hands

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Rothschilds have funded every war since Napoleon

~ they created currency
~ developed a Zionist state
~ enslaved millions with a pyramid scheme
~ host satanic rituals
~ and control anyone who is in a position of power

…I don’t think Trump is controlled by the Rothschilds (illuminati,free Mason’s, Jesuits, etc), or anyone for that matter, but that is my opinion – the way he’s going after the evil deep state, just leads me to believe he’s not bought and paid for and is why they hate him so. I’ve seen the hand gestures, but that doesn’t really prove anything. His actions and what the left are doing to try and destroy him, and essentially us, are more evidence in my eyes than an occasional hand signal. If there was a lot of it, I probably would step back and take a hard look, but until then I see him fighting for the American way.



microwave popping corn


Depopulation – Agenda 2030

Why they will vaccinate
everyone in the world but not feed them.

We are the carbon they want to eliminate.


Biden Has Abandoned The Middle East To China And Russia: prophecy news watch… “While U.S. President Joe Biden has shown nothing but contempt for long-standing allies in the region, both China and Moscow have been quick to exploit Washington’s wilful neglect to their own advantage. By far the most startling change to the political landscape of the Middle East has been Beijing’s role in negotiating the restoration of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran, two countries that, until recently, were sworn enemies.”

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Proverbs 21:4 (NKJV)
A haughty look, a proud heart,
And the plowing of the wicked are sin.

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