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222, 368,160 cases world wide

September 7, 2021 My thoughts for today ~ I do go into statistics in this post, just as a fair warning. I find this quite interesting…it was shared with me privately through facebook. The link below is updated daily…the number in the title is… Continue Reading “222, 368,160 cases world wide”

cold, white and fluffy

April 17, 2020 It’s been cold most of the week, which is not normal around here, and there have been a couple of days with snow flurries. Nothing measurable here, but if you headed a little further west, they got a pretty dusting. There… Continue Reading “cold, white and fluffy”

strange times

April 10, 2020 Photo taken todayApril 10, 2020With my cell phone This is one of the Tulip Poplars we have on the property. It has been extremely windy today in yesterday, and it has been trying to snow off and on all day. Very… Continue Reading “strange times”

mixed messages

April 3, 2020 In Black and White Nothing is as it seemsin black and whitemixed messages About the corona virus in the U.S. as of 4pm today (April 3), CDC reporting: total cases (U.S.): 239,279 total deaths: (U.S.) 5,443 in Maryland:– 2,758 total cases… Continue Reading “mixed messages”